Wednesday, November 8, 2023

On "experts" and their ilk

This link full of advice from HR experts is interesting:

It is interesting because it is a whole load of crap. 

Experts are of the opinion that...

Whenever I read that I switch off. Whatever subject the so called experts opine on, they will mess up. They will come up with a shit load of fancy sounding jargon, designed to show off their erudition and expertise; but the end result is that they invariably showcase their shallowness and vacuity.

The sole objective of "experts" is to confuse and confound, complicate and dissimulate, using a haze of words which leaves the reader in a daze. Which is precisely the effect that they are striving for. 

The net result of listening to experts in all areas of life is,

You spoil your health by listening to nutrition experts,

You never regain it by listening to doctors,

You complicate your work life by listening to HR,

You screw up your peace of mind by following what HR says,

You compromise on your fitness by listening to fitness experts,

Your relationships deteriorate further after following the counsellors' advice, 

You buy into toxic investments after listening to personal finance experts ... 

The list goes on. 

There is no substitute to common sense,

And there is no substitute to taking charge of your own life.

More and more it appears to me that if you want to lead a good life, you must stop listening to experts.

And why should you believe what I am saying?

Because I am not an expert, that's why. I proudly claim lack of expertise in every subject!

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