Tuesday, November 14, 2023

See link below on side effects of vaccines, one of many such :

👆 this is just one of thousands of similar articles. Of a spate of side effects including sudden death caused by the vaccines. Even in India, which did not use mRNA. 

The conclusion is not that boosters are bad. 

The conclusion is not that mRNA vaccines are bad. 

The conclusion is not that we should believe these latest "medical" findings more than earlier ones. 

The conclusion is : 

All vaccines are bad.

The medical system is not to be trusted. 

Add to that, masking too. 

Not only are  vaccinations and masking not effective, they are extremely harmful. 

Where is the medical evidence for this you say? Even after all that has happened? The best way to spoil your health is by listening to the medical system.

And these conclusions are not based on hindsight, they are based on pure common sense, and proper understanding of health, both of which the medical system lack. 

Here is the link to my article in July 2020, even before the vaccines came on the scene.

I do not feel the need to change a single word even now

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