Saturday, March 23, 2024

Listener Beware

The pressure of being an academician is to keep publishing "insightful" papers. 

The pressure of being labelled an intellectual is up keep coming up with intelligent hypotheses, observations , and conclusions. 

Finally, you reach a stage when you have nothing intelligent to say, but the eco system around you expects you to say intelligent things.

Which is when you start spouting intellectual nonsense. There is an entire ecosystem waiting to lap it up, amplify your sayings and disseminate your wisdom. They will of course do all that since their salaries depend on it. 

The only defence against this can be exercised at the consumer's end. You need to have a very strong bullshit detector and not waste time on pseudo intellectual stuff that adds no value to you. 

That caveat applies to all kinds of "experts" in all kinds of fields. 

Listener / Reader/ Consumer beware!

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