Friday, April 5, 2024

Bill Gates admits that covid was just a flu

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Pharma lobby and deep state are colluding. This pandemic was planned long back. The objective is to destroy people's confidence, mind control, and extending state control over the population. 

People are idiots. 

Doctors and scientists are greedy, and are idiots.  They are either colluding with the lobby or have been completely fooled. Considering that I l, as a layman , could see all this *before* the vaccine was even launched, the doctors and scientists are in short, evil greedy bastards. 

People are wired to panic under certain circumstances. They have been conditioned to listen to authority figures. Throughout history, authority figures have been bought and people have been made complete ch,*"*'*s of. 

Does this mean we have learnt our lessons? No. 

This will repeat. Next time the virus will be a little more deadly. But , as always, the consequences of taking the vaccine will be deadlier.

It does not require any intelligence, nor even application of logic beyond common sense level to see that social distancing and wearing of masks (a) do not  help in the least and (b) are severely harmful. But people will refuse to see that. 

As to why the deep state is doing this, there are several possible reasons, and all of them get into the realm of conspiracy theories.

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