Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blood edition of Tendulkar's autobiography for $75,000

A special edition weighing 37 kg, with pages edged in gold leaf, measuring half a metre square, with the signature page actually having a dye mixed with Tendulkar's blood.... ten copies are being printed - they have been pre-sold at $75,000 each. [news item on 20 July, 2010]
Those who will own the book - what are they proving?  If I land up in an accident and get a blood transfusion from Tendulkar, can I then start selling my blood at $10 a drop? -------------------------
What price Exclusivity?
Once you have all that you will need,
Your needs are dictated by others.
You need those things that when they see,
They look at you and feel jealous.
So you scour the world for vanities,
That you can own and others can't.
This search for exclusivity
Can sometimes get really bizarre.
A massive book that is signed in blood
by someone whom the world admires,
serves no purpose except display,
to underline what you can afford.
Tendulkar's achievements are his own
And hence they are to be valued.
How can you purchase fame and renown?
If it's but bought - what does it prove?

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