Friday, July 16, 2010

India's new Symbol

The new Indian Rupee symbol was adopted yesterday.  The headlines today are interesting:
Rupee is now part of an elite league... India is now a force to reckon with... We have arrived on the world stage... It underlines our might on the global stage...
All because we got together in a room and drew a fancy picture!
We meet amongst ourselves and decide
That we are the greatest in the world.
Both for us, and to flaunt abroad,
We have designed this: Our Symbol!
Kings needed crowns and thrones to show
Their might to the rest of the world.
In their absence, we still seek symbols
To underline that we have arrived!
Mostly we don't know where we're going,
But all the time think we have arrived.
While looking up at those we envy,
We look down and feel a glow of pride.
All cultures needed their totems,
Their symbols of might and power.
Every flag needs to be hoisted,
with anthems sung in its honor.


mukaam said...

Wonderful poem Sir..Its not only for nation that we think this way but also about ourselves...Very nicely written..Thanks for sharing.

Dinesh Gopalan said...

that's right - What would we do without our symbols and badges? :-)