Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul the Octopus / The Soothsayer

    Paul the Octopus predicted the German team's fate correctly 6 times on 6.  If you think this makes people happy, think again!

    He was a darling in Germany till now - he predicted they would win, and they did.  Once his prediction about the defeat to Spain came true, people seem to be blaming him for the defeat! .  Security around his tank in Germany has been enhanced since he has been receiving death threats. Several Argentinians too want to cook him and eat him for dinner.

    We look to omens of every kind
    To foretell the future for us.
    Clutching at any straw we find
    To suppress our dread.

    Scared of what tomorrow will bring,
    We convince ourselves it will be good.
    Oh, Soothsayer! Tell me all will be fine,
    It's what I want to hear.

    Seldom are those who foretell bad things
    Liked, specially if they come to pass.
    It's not the truth that we want to hear,
    What we want is a salve.

    The fear of death forever haunts us,
    Or all we have being snatched away.
    We flounder, in search of vain hope
    Which keeps death at bay.

    No soothsayer would tell the truth
    If he really had the power to see.
    No one wants to know. We just want hope
    In face of adversity.

    No soothsayer should predict our deaths,
    We will die every day till it comes.
    Our whole lives are spent running away
    From the one thing that is certain.

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