Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AAP: The conqueror rides in!

A new force has risen in the Land,
Riding on the wave of Victory!
Crushing the Lotus, sweeping the Hand,
Waving their brooms in ecstasy!

The citizens opened the gates
To let in the winds of change.
Come, see the riders marching in,
and cheer for them, while you may!

For soon, they will settle to rule;
All thrones are a seat of thorns!
It's easier to take, than to hold;
The joy of victory doesn't last!

The Emperor fumes in his palace,
For he has been called to account.
How long will the people revolt?
And rulers: They have to govern!

He will plot to strike from within;
Sow dissent in the upstart's camp!
He will lay a siege from without,
Starve the people who threw him out!

The upstart meanwhile has his plans,
Readying to sweep across the land;
Carrying his broom as his banner,
He will seek to conquer, and expand!

His forces will be stretched too thin,
His courtiers will soon become fat.
It will start eating from within:
The same enemies he fought to win!

He wants to grow, but he has to hold.
Can he be careful, as well as bold?
The Emperor will try to buy him out,
and corrupt him, within and without!

And then a kind of peace will settle,
As they negotiate and come to terms;
Carve the kingdom amongst themselves,
And both, eat merrily off the Land!


Meanwhile, a Prince sulks in his tent,
Cradled in widowed queen's arms,
While Emperor fights the upstart,
Sucking his thumb, ruing lost chance!

Dinesh Gopalan
11 February, 2015


Haddock said...

Well written.
His courtiers will soon become fat........ lets hope that does not happen, as this country really needs some change (for the good)

Pylichen said...

I love the poem!! It is has a nice hope. U have poet blood in your viens ;-)

Dinesh Gopalan said...

Thanks Mathew and Haddock