Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What passes for news analysis!

Yesterday's News Item in TOI headlined "Fear of AAP win drags sensex down by 491 points": 

An extract from that artilcle:

Market players are not very comfortable with AAP's socialist bent of mind and their opposition to some of the large business houses. They feel if AAP comes to power, that may be detrimental to growth of some of the businesses and hence the jittery reaction of market players to exit poll results predicting a win for the party led by Arvind Kejriwal

Today's news item in TOI headlined "Sensex swings [up] 600 points on AAP wave:

An extract from that article:

Market players said since the traders had already discounted an AAP win after exit poll results, the actual event did not push them into any panic mode. On the positive side, most brokers and analysts said that such a thumping win for a new party fighting against corruption and for development at the grassroots will keep the BJP-led government on its toes. The main challenge for the Modi government now, market players said, is the revival of the investment cycle while for Arvind Kejriwal, it is delivery on his promises. 

What passes for "analysis" in the news is mostly rubbish. Lazy journalist has fact (e.g. Dhoni hits a century). Lazy journalist can't just report that, so he looks for reason.  His investigations show that Dhoni had Paratha for dinner yesterday, and that  WAGs were allowed on this tour. So the headline says "Dhoni returns to form..." and it is attributed to Parathas and the wife. If he had got out for a duck, the report says "Dhoni's form has deteriorated..." due to Parathas and wife... Experts in nutrition point out that Parathas being a high carb, low protein diet, are detrimental to sports performance... sports psychologists we spoke to are of the view that taking wives along on the tour is very bad for the player's morale and ego, since during a game he needs to think he is a world beater and can take on anything, whereas, as all men know, no one is a worse critic of the man than the wife; this results in low self-esteem among the players.

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