Friday, December 11, 2015

My two-hundredth blog post

This post marks my two hundredth blog post since I started writing  in November of 2008. 

It is good to reach a milestone,
A midway marker on the journey.
Arbitrary, in a continuum,
A number I infuse with meaning!

Random musings, notes to myself,
I thought fit to inflict on others.
I must admit it feels very good,
When some respond, proves that they read!

I don't know what two hundred means,
Except, I wrote, and will write more.
Writing also acts as a means,
To clarify, me, to myself!

Why this need to mark the journey,
When I don't know where I'm heading?
Why the need to look back and count,
How far it is, from the beginning?

How far does the road stretch ahead?
Maybe I don't really want to know.
'Tis enough: something to look forward,
Tomorrow again begins anew!

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