Friday, December 18, 2015


Some people are born to protest;
Rant and rail, at perceived injustice!
The holier-than-thou are thin-skinned;
At sligtest pretext, they bristle!

They set out to change the world - 
The System is always corrupt!
Starving, deprived furious martyrs,
With passionate belief in their right!

The underdog is at his best
Fuming at an unjust System.
The chips are wedged deep in his shoulder.
He will never get rid of them!

That castle does best which does not fight,
As he dashes against its thick walls;
But allows him entry inside,
And, as King, has him installed!

They then plot to undermine his rule.
One person, System does not make.
The very persons he fought against
Are needed to lend the throne its strength!

No king can be an idealist;
Politics is not a much liked word.
He will be cause of his own downfall,
Or, join the shadows he could not fight!

He who cannot show two faces,
One inside and one to the world,
Is not fit to be king, or to rule:
That's a different kind of psychopath!

Kejriwal will go down fighting
In a blaze of his own glory.
They'll needle him to burn himself out,
And he will, lighting his own pyre!

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