Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cow in the Paddock

Free to graze, in verdant pastures;
Free to move in sunny vales;
Free to rest in shady bowers;
Alone, or with others of my kind!

Meeting, with those who might wish to,
By the side of flowing brooks.
Happy to greet the Farmer who comes,
To collect his bounty of my milk!

Those were the days, now long gone.
Now I'm confined to the paddocks,
With a million other cows, bound,
To, I'm told, Freedom, within walls!

No brooks, No fields, No sunny vales.
No meeting, a chance encounter.
I'm shown Visions of open spaces,
Doing my Mission that's my work!

The mission is to produce the most;
More than other cows in their paddocks.
There are boards, keeping count, shouting loud.
One who bleeds the most, gets the reward!

Once a year, I get to escape,
To the vast, green, open pastures,
Bringing back memories of the days,
When we were happy in verdant bowers!

All the other cows in the land,
Are now similarly confined.
In return for verdant greens, and air,
They're fed, and told: This is what is Freedom!

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