Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women's Day

Half the world consists of women,
What need a day in their honour?
Massive version of a men's night out,
One in Two's not so exclusive!

One more occasion to strut and preen,
Or bemoan, complain, rant and rave.
Half the world assembles to one side,
Hopefully, the other half takes note!

A chance for companies to celebrate,
Anything that's holier than thou;
Half their people will bask in the glow,
The other half's used to being ignored!

A chance to trot out platitudes,
Which sound very good and do no harm;
Indians don't change their attitudes,
'cause someone said what's good and what's not!

A chance for Air India to fly
An all-woman crew on longest flight.
Hopefully, for the rest of the year,
Someone acknowledges their rights!

I celebrate all women, I do!
But one by one please, that's all I can!
They are much, even one at a time,
Why a day, to fete them as a crowd?

8 March, 2016

1 comment:

Wimpy Mama said...

Womens work is not only laborious but also non monetized. I generally agree with the poem though.