Monday, December 21, 2020

A few points to remember as 2020 draws to a close

1. It is considered acceptable to bare any part of your body except the mouth and nose

2. Humans think they are plants. They are breathing in their own exhaust inside the mask, presumably to recycle the air

3. The moral rules of Social distancing are the same as temperence.

Everyone preaches it, no one really follows it, but everyone pretends that they are following it

4. Those who have never touched alcohol all their lives are rubbing themselves with it all day

5. Those who bother least about masks and about social distancing , like the agitating sardarjis, seem to be healthier and more aggressive than ever

6. Panic can cause peculiar forms of blindness, where people fail to see the obvious.

7. Wallowing in mass misery gives a peculiar feeling of comfort

8. Extreme phobia triggered by calculated misinformation portents to be the New Normal

9. Extreme hope generated by dubious interventions are the path to Recovery

10. Mass hypnosis actually exists 

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