Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Elixir of immortality,
Where art thou? Thou art sorely missed,
The world is floundering, beyond hope,
Death is in the air, taken wing!

Is the answer to isolate,
Or jab a few poisons in,
Every new threat that percolates,
Is out there, demanding to come in!

When was the world any different?
Were viruses non existent?
Why this worldwide panic then,
Death comes! If not this then something else!

How we wish we could run away,
Seclude ourselves in little caves,
Seal the entrance from death's sway,
But  is not life meant for living?

I would rather see the sun and wind,
Be out there, mix with fellow men,
Let Death approach  when it will,
Let it find me, not when I am hid!

Magic potions do not exist,
But we like to believe they do,
Man in his new found arrogance,
Still cannot escape mortality's reach!

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