Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Virus Protocols

New mutation of virus!

The corona virus has mutated and is jumping from person to person through the air, and through all surfaces that people touch!

The vaccine is unfortunately obsolete! It was developed for the old strain!

New rules have been announced by several governments. 

It is no longer safe to touch anything.

It is not safe to breathe.

It is not safe to step out.

It is not safe to meet.

It is not safe to go anywhere.

It is not safe to come from anywhere.

All unhealthy people are at risk.

All healthy people are a risk.

Several companies are developing "isolation pods". These are wooden caskets six feet in length,  three feet in width, and two feet in depth. You need to get into one and go underground. You will be told when to come out. 

All "isolation pods " shall maintain social distancing and be buried six feet apart. 

There are three categories of isolation pods - silver, good  and platinum.

Silver customers will get only a music system. Gold customers will get cable tv connection. Platinum customers will have bigger caskets in which it will be possible to sit up.

Bookings are on, for the caskets! Rush!

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