Monday, August 30, 2021

The Elite

Shut the doors, shut the windows,
Draw the curtains, pull the blinds,
Keep the outside from coming in,
A self contained universe!

Use the phone and never meet,
Every human is suspect,
Keep them all at great length,
Walking germ carriers,  terrified!

Cover the nose, just don't breathe,
And wash the skin off your hands,
Scrub the air and scrub the seats,
For all things, delivery man!

See the world only through a screen,
Talk only to avatars,
Flesh and blood is full of germs,
Let's shift to the metaverse!

There is a world that's out there,
It moves on nicely without you,
Flesh and blood out on the street,
There's also sun, rain, and breeze!

Two worlds exist out there,
Will the twain ever meet?
The elite are in their lairs,
The others are on the street!

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