Monday, August 30, 2021

Venture, Thy Capital!

Where do they find the funds,
To fund the new upstarts,
Each vying with the next,
To burn them as they come?

Where do they find the means,
To justify what they've done,
Each vying with the next,
To give more cash to burn?

How do they have the guts,
To throw good money after bad,
The more the company sinks,
They fund to dig deeper!

Where do they find others,
To jump in after them,
Into the bottomless pit,
Courting a gory death?

They do all this and more,
And then do the IPO,
A call to the lemmings,
To come jump off the cliff!

See the lemmings lining up,
For a piece of the action,
They all want to jump and die,
No one wants to miss out!

It's a weird case of FOMO,
How far, how deep, can you jump?
Those who don't  get the chance,
Envy those who jump and die!

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