Monday, August 30, 2021

Vicarious Living

Unchecked euphoria one day,
Sunk in the depths of gloom the next,
What's it about the game of cricket,
That swings us from one to the other?

Only a few countries play it,
A few more have heard about it,
A win, and we are world beaters,
A loss is blow to self esteem!

Any victory we appropriate,
Nobel, cricket to gold medal,
What is it that makes us claim credit,
For something we didn't help create?

A person with few things to show,
As victory against his name,
Will always seek to bolster his pride,
By claiming others' as his own!

A nation that is so obsessed,
Shows a deficiency within,
Very little to celebrate,
Always looking for silver linings!

It's time we got busy doing,
What we expect our heroes to do,
Put in our best in everything,
And, individually, excel!

A victory should be par for the course,
Any defeat a stepping stone,
It's time we stopped looking to others,
And claimed victory for our own!

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