Sunday, February 19, 2023


The US is of late seeing a lot of Unidentified Flying Objects, including Chinese balloons, over its skies, and scrambling jets to shoot them down 


We all see balloons in the sky,
Imaginary Flying Objects;
They have been sent up there to spy,
And keep a watch over us!

Inimical power, foreign hand,
Trying to interfere in our lives;
They watch us by day and in our sleep,
With an aim to stop our best laid plans!

Too many accidents of late,
My generally sad and messy fate,
All that I wished for but died, 
All due to those balloons in the sky;

Shoot them down, shoot them down,
Charge in on our F22 steeds,
Send our Exorcist missiles,
Says Biden Quixote to his people! 

Everyone needs a favourite bugbear;
Every nation, leader turns senile;
Everyone sees balloons in the sky,
And shoots them, at some point in their lives! 

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