Thursday, February 23, 2023


Where gender is fluid,
Depends on your mood,
Or even time of day,
Each  they has one  pronoun!

Where Caste is rigid,
Even obscure ones,
Of people who fled there,
Leaving it behind! 

Where your  race is your fault,
And what your ancestors did,
If you're white you can't,
Hold your head high! 

Where merit is dying,
Mediocre is in,
Showing any talent,
Is just elitism!

Where children are poached,
And brainwashed daily,
Sent by their parents,
Like cattle to the slaughter!

Where activism is in,
Under the Circus Top,
Only the clowns can speak,
Others forced to shut up!

Where all safe pillars,
Are being demolished,
So they stand rootless,
Guilt ridden and terrified!

Alice in Wonderland,
Went down the rabbit hole,
See, today's she's emerged,
In the US of A!

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