Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Food needs to have a soul too

Zero-calorie sweetener linked to heart attack and stroke, study finds

Quote: "Erythritol looks like sugar, it tastes like sugar," unquote

That is precisely the problem isn't it?

Food is a way of transferring life, or prana, life energy , from one organism to another. Plants store it from the sun, and our bodies thrive on those whole foods and assimilate them.

In our arrogance, we think we can manufacture foods in our factories. It looks the same, it tastes the same, but the prana is missing, and all you are ingesting is a bunch of chemicals. As if a bunch of kothmir leaves is nothing but a linear addition of a few chemicals and calories. 

The problem starts with  the thinking paradigms introduced by Western science. They are reductionist paradigms and they have their place, while, say, understanding Newtonian physics, but are entirely unsuitable for application when it comes to health and nutrition.

The entire calorie and "nutritional" breakdown labels that are printed on food packaging, on restaurant menus, and bandied about as food science,  based on which so called nutritionists ply their trade is completely useless, without any basis, and based on the wrong paradigms.

Which is why , I often say, if your MBBS trained doctor, or so called nutritionist trained in the western allopathic school, gives you any dietary advice, it is most times beneficial to do the exact opposite.

As to "looks the same, tastes the same, and hence must be the same", 

Pasteurised, homogenised milk looks the same, tastes the same, as milk, but is not milk 

As to "dairy whitener" , forget not being milk, it is an abomination.

"Refined " oil, is not oil 

"Iodised" "table" salt is not salt

"White" sugar is not sugar in the sense that "nattu sakkarai / vellum / gud" is. Sugarcane juice, for example, is good for health, even for diabetics. 

"Artificial" sweeteners are advertised as good for health because sugar is bad. So , finally, we eat a bunch of chemicals, and still feel good about ourselves.

Why do we still feel good about ourselves? Because advertisers have convinced us that all that crap we eat is food.

Like carbonated soda passing off for water, the nutritional labels will inform you it is all kosher,

Or, Hershey's Strawberry Sauce  properly FDA authorised, hygienically processed, in factories and  "GMP" certified, which does not have any strawberries! 

I am serious , check the label and see for yourself ...

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