Monday, October 23, 2023

New Health Advisory

It is garba time and this is what happened in Gujarat. 


Keep automated external defibrillators on the standby before organising this event! 

Be careful before you do any exercise that you are not accustomed to!

This event was held across the state at many places. It resulted in 500 ambulance calls and ten deaths, all of young people.

Be very careful before doing this, said the father of one of the youth who died, with folded hands, and tears in his eyes! 

No, this is not the Tour de France or the Triathlon. 

It is garba! 

A kind of dance form where people gently move around in circles clapping hands ( or small sticks).

Now they will organise a conference of "experts" to find the probable cause.

The news report after the conference will state: 

Everyone at the conference  arrived in cars. They were taken in electric buggies for the last three hundred yards, since cars can't reach and walking is out of the question. 

They were fed  processed foods, made in sterile conditions, with all the bad natural vitamins removed by processing, and by adding good synthetic vitamins. As per the recommended FDA guidelines, that is their diet. 

They all had  to show "current status" for vaccinations, which is possible only if they have had booster shots of the following vaccines in the last six months: 

Covid 19
Covid 20,21,22
Avian Flu
Floral flu, Zoonosis flu
R2D2 flu
C3PO flu 

And they were all mandated to wear masks, since people in such close proximity are a danger to each other  and a huge risk. This is again as per the latest FDA guidelines. 

The organisers made a huge mistake.

The participants had to walk 300 meters to a tent at the far side of the lawn where dinner was being served. 

And for dinner, they were served fresh vegetables , fruits, and juices. This is shocking, no one knows how this was allowed, but yes, it is true! 

And there were   mosquitoes from the nearby lake; again very shocking, but true! 

And they were all asked to remove their masks outside the tent. This is very shocking, but it happened! 

Immediately after the lunch , delegates started dropping dead. 100 of the 500 delegates died, and another 200 were rushed to hospital.

Experts are still speculated about the causes, but they are all agreed that the following factors played a large role in causing the deaths: 

1. Walking 300 meters to the dinner venue 

2. Removing the mask and being exposed to so many people in close proximity at once. 

3. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The government has ordered an inquiry. Meanwhile a country wide lockdown has been imposed. The only activity that people are permitted to do is coming to their balconies at 6 pm every evening and banging on plates and spoons, to laud the brave warriors who are forced to step out of their houses every day, for their ultimate bravery in stepping out of home, which is very dangerous.

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