Friday, October 20, 2023

The covid vaccines were dangerous, they now admit

Trace everything to the source, both when it comes to food and when it comes to medicine.

What are the ingredients ? 

How are they combined ?

How are the processed?

We human beings will readily accept a cocktail of bloody poisons, and suspicious ingredients, directly injected into the bloodstream. 

And when someone points out that vaccines are bad for health because: 

A) they contain deadly chemicals 

B) they bypass the body's natural immune defences and are injected directly into the bloodstream 

C) therefore they are unsafe, except if the benefits exceed the costs, which is almost never 

People don't pause and use their common sense and rush to stand in a queue to take the vaccines, like it is Amrut, the elixir of immortality,  being distributed by Mohini,

Simply because they have been seduced by Mohini , and induced into a state of unreasoning panic,

To avoid a mere flu, an innocuous flu,

And they look at the chaos who are saying that it is bad for health , and call them anti-vaxers , anti-science, anti-public health,

And rush to pass laws that violate every person's fundamental right to their own body and force people to take them, 

And then line up for booster shots every six months,

And, even after enough and now evidence is shown, 

Refuse to accept the truth , because they just cannot admit that they have all been suckered for so long and so blatantly,

It only shows,

That people are, 

Well ... I leave it to you too supply the right adjective. They are all likely to be synonyms of mentally challenged

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