Wednesday, February 7, 2024


We spend our time chasing money,
And all that money can buy us;
By their trinkets do we define,
Value the worth of those around us! 

We spend our time chasing degrees,
That confers on us validation,
By those whom we seek to impress; 
Knowledge is not a consideration! 

We spend our time praising freedom,
And all that lip service entails; 
While imprisoned by the baubles,
That keep us captive and enthralled!

We spend our time on our gadgets,
Whose feed is controlled by someone else;
We feed our brains with all that junk,
Which is designed to keep us entrapped!

We spend our days, our entire lives,
In this state, hypnotised, held in thrall; 
A collective brain controls our fates, 
And that brain is certainly not ours!

What we focus on is religion;
What we pray to are our Gods;
What we chase all our lives we become;
Man makes his Gods, and they in turn make Him! 

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