Monday, February 5, 2024

Gobi Manchurian

Check out this article below on Goa banning Gobi Manchurian.

It is not the Gobi Manchurian, but the garbled reasons for the ban that should be more worrying.

Chemicals and powder used in the batter. 

Additives to lend it crispiness, or whatever quality you want in it. Arrificial colours. 

Veering away from Gobi Manchurian: 

The highly processed foods that we eat contain dozens of additives to enhance various "qualities" of the food. 

The swiggy / Zomato food that we are habituated to, mostly comes from "cloud kitchens" which will care less about your health than the average stall owner in Goa.

There is a mistaken perception, also touched upon in the article, that paying more ensures better quality. Usually, I have found the reverse to be true when it comes to food. The food at your local Darshini / Udupi is by and large  far healthier than what is served in star hotels, for a variety of reasons. 

Moral of the story? 

Trace everything to the source. 

Buying your own provisions and cooking at home ensures that you are in control of the whole cooking process.

Then, go one step back. 

Trace the food that you buy to the source. Do you know how and where it is grown? If possible, buy organic. 

You are too busy to do all  that? Because of your job? You order only from Swiggy and eat at McD and KFC? Oh! What is the job you do? 

You work in the health and sustainability field, earning a fat salary advising organisations on health and sustainability? Good for you!

Oh, the ironies of life!

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