Friday, February 23, 2024

On Mc Donald's and Fake Food

Maharashtra FDA cracks down on McDonald's because none of their cheese items are made of cheese. 

This is food we are talking about. It is considered acceptable to replace food items with a chemical cocktail and call it "analogue", in this case "cheese analogue". 

Not surprising at all. The moment food gets into industrial production mode, this is bound to happen. 

Trace all your food to the source. Buy only what grows, and cook at home. 

The more the layers between you the consumer and the producer, the more the profit motive as opposed to genuine love at any part of the chain,  the more the food becomes just another commodity - the less it remains food. 

Our ancients treated the cooking process at home itself as something sacred. There are prescriptions for how the lady of the house should approach cooking, including the mental attitude while doing it. Any mental disturbance while cooking gets transmitted to the food as bad vibrations and thereon to the family members who are eating the food. Food is called "Prasad" and treated as such. 

At the other extreme you have chains like McDonald's, and you have Cloud Kitchens. You can be sure that anything coming from these places will not be fit for human consumption. 

Humans have a capacity for debasing the sacred to the profane in no time at all. And what are profane, like Swiggy, Zomato, and industrial  fast food chains, are glorified by popular culture. 

Things have reached such a state now that anyone who says that one should eat only freshly cooked food made at home, is viewed at best as a quaint anachronism, and at worst as a disruptor of the social order! 

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