Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fairytale Romance

Romantic comedies affecting off-screen love lives: A poll of 1000 Australians found that sitcoms with their inevitable happy endings have ruined their view of an ideal relationship.... they were now expected to know what their partners were thinking... it made their partners expect gifts of flowers "just because"... It seems our love of romance is turning us into happy-ever-after addicts... [extract from news item in TOI 22 July, 2010]
I often escape to Fairyland,
A fuzzy tingling feel-good state,
Bathed in moonlit romance;
The world at my feet - prostrate!
My every wish, his command;
My glance, enough to reprimand;
Around me, his world revolves;
For me, he can't do enough!
On waking, he thinks of me;
He thinks of me through the day;
Every day, he shows me proof
Of how in his life I hold sway!
The prince sought out Cinderella,
Fitted her slippers himself.
He kissed Snow White and woke her up,
His love breaking the evil spell!
They lived happily ever after,
Or that is what she fondly thinks.
They polled the Prince ten years later
and found the results quite damning!

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Geetha said...

very well written... :)