Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let a thousand flowers bloom!

For the runner intent on winning,
It's no longer the joy of running.
The worker rushing to his deadline
Has forgotten what he is doing!

We all compete against some benchmarks
Set to make our lives miserable;
The reward lies in the effort,
Not panting for the elusive result!

Everything starts as means to an end,
Then the means become ends in themselves;
get measured and benchmarked to death,
Both of the work, and of our own selves!

Measuring anything on a scale
Reduces it to absurdity;
Every flower that bloomed in the vale
Did not compare petals, for their width!

Let a thousand flowers bloom, on their own,
Celebrating the joy of living;
Each unique, one with the soil that gave
It birth, and encouraged it to bloom!


Om said...

Poem captures the very essence of present lifestyle. Thank you for the post.

Wimpy Mama said...

Enjoy the Life!