Thursday, March 10, 2016

On the AOL birthday bash controversy

All Gurus like large-scale grandeur,
Projecting themselves larger than life;
Flaunting their money and their power,
In their minds, competing with the Gods.

All Gurus like to amass wealth,
and have a court full of sycophants,
Singing their praises to high heavens,
Prostrating themselves at their feet.

Modern Gurus are even more savvy,
They have learnt to utilise the times.
They brand their every activity,
From events to breathing exercise.

Dumbing down Truth to suit the masses,
Delivered in glitzy sound bites;
It is doubtful whether they realised,
anything of what they preach.

Guru: The one who dispels darkness,
Helps remove the veil of ignorance.
It's irony in today's times,
They're the ones who propagate them!

Dinesh Gopalan
10 March, 2016

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