Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Meeting a Visitor

I am just imagining a scenario in a typical apartment complex nowadays

Visitor arrives to meet resident

Visitor stopped at gate

Visitor steps out wearing cloth mask, fibreglass visor, and plastic raincoat

Visitor's car sent to car wash

Visitor sent to fumigation room

Visitor walks thru fumigation room

Guard waits with temperature gun

Guard Points gun at visitor and shoots

Meanwhile, the resident

Wears mask, wears visor, wears full length plastic raincoat, picks up stick

Fumigates self, mask, visor, and stick

Looks around to see if no neighbours are close by

Uses stick to press lift buttons

Goes to main gate to meet visitor

Stays four feet away and greets visitor warmly 

Visitor steps back two feet since his doctor has told him six feet distance is needed 

Meeting is conducted, and concludes

Visitor steps into car, leaves

Resident goes back , but does not enter house immediately

His wife opens the door, rushes back, and locks herself in. Resident discards plastic raincoat, rubs hand with with sanitiser kept at main door, and walks to bathroom on his toes to ensure minimum contact with the floor.

Keeps rubbing himself with soap till half the bar disdolves, as advised by health ministry

Then rushes to his room and locks himself up

Both he and his wife heave a sigh of relief for having concluded this adventure without any mishap

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