Friday, July 17, 2020


1. Everyone eats well, sleeps well, exercises, shits well, and is happy
2. Everyone is healthy
3. Life takes over. Everyone loses sleep, eats junk food, stops moving, shuts themselves in a closed office, has constipation, and lots of tensions.
4. Immunity is compromised.
5. Take medicines, suppress the symptoms
6. The medicines further screw up the system
7. Immunity is further compromised.
8. Take more medicines.
9. Immunity plummets.
9. Every flu out there gets you
10. Take vaccines
11. Vaccines kill whatever immunity is left
12. Take more medicines
13. Unable to sleep well , eat well, move well, shit well, or be happy
14. Go back to step 3. Repeat loop.


1. Shit hits the fan! Flu virus run amock.
2. No resistance left. Hide!
3. Those who are fine cannot step out too! They may be carriers!
4. Their immunity also drops.
5. Herd immunity is destroyed.
6. To come out , everyone needs a vaccine!
7. Those who don't hide, or take the vaccine are a threat to the others!
8. Force everyone to take vaccine!
9. Everyone's immunity drops.
10. Herd is happy .
11. Go back to step B1. Repeat loop.


1. No one has any immunity.
2. There are a thousand vaccines for a thousand illnesses.
3. Everyone is forced to take more vaccines, and more medicines.
4. Those who don't cannot get school admissions, cannot get jobs, and cannot travel.
5. Go back to step C1. Repeat loop.

The herd is happy.


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