Saturday, July 25, 2020

Rules for Health Part 1

Rules for health are quite simple.


1. Sleep, get enough of it


2. Dinacharya (Daily Regimen):


2.1. have an oil bath at least once a week. Along with bath, do jalneti.


2.2 get fresh air and sunlight into your life. Avoid AC as far as possible. Step out without a mask and breathe deeply. Wear masks only where it is mandated.


2.3 . Corona is a flu, period. You will get it, develop the antibodies, and will be immune. Same as for all things out there. Ignore the fear and the panic around, a fearful mind and masks will make your body less immune. There is a small chance you will die of corona, welcome it, life is nothing without some uncertainty.


2.4 Walk. Preferably in the sun.





3.1. Have food . Processed factory sludge is not good.


3.2 eat only those things that spoil but eat them before they spoil. Manufactured goods with long shelf life are not food.


3.3 buy only what grows, this includes vegetables, fruits, rice, dal, etc. Maggi does not grow. Biscuits and ready to eat foods don't either.


3.4 cook, or buy from the local auntie-ji who cooks at home. Eat fresh food within hours of cooking.


3 5. Let your diet consist predominantly of whole foods.


3.6 gradually reduce meat in the diet. Once that is done, gradually reduce the grains specially rice and wheat this is a long term multi year prescription.


3.7 ensure the stomach is at least half empty at all times, even after a full meal.


3.8 eat light at night, or not at all.


3.9 do intermittent fasting.


3.10 avoid or reduce: white sugar , pasteurised milk, refined oil, processed salt


3.11 have instead jaggery, organic milk or no milk at all, cold pressed oil, and raw sea salt or Himalayan rock salt. ( To be continued)

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