Saturday, March 4, 2023


Going through the maze of life's jungle,

Is difficult at the best of times;

We need a compass to guide us,

And firm  principles to live by!


We stand on the shoulders of those,

Who went before us and laid a path,

For us to learn from and follow,

Before forging new ones of our own!


Those who would want us to get lost,

Will first remove all these guides from us,

Make us doubt all that's good, and our past,

Cut our moorings from under us!


And supply false values in their stead,

Misleading principles to live by;

It has always been that progress,

Has been stopped by self-styled Liberals!


Most proponents of the New Liberal,

And that stands for the very young too,

Would set their own houses on fire,

To show their devotion to their cause!


We need to beware of false Gods,

For Gods are but ideals to live by;

All that is Bullshit and not good,

We need to reject and call out!


Let's not throw out the Baby too,

While throwing out the Bathwater;

Let's be proud of our traditions:

Only build something that will last!


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