Monday, July 8, 2024

The Circus comes to town

The teams are equally matched, 
The margins of victory slender; 
The game veers this way and that, 
And then goes one way or the other! 

But yet we pin our hopes too much, 
On slender momentary wins; 
The fights and wins we lack in our lives, 
We seek vicariously in them! 

Too much elation on victory, 
End of the world on a defeat; 
This too shall pass; and once again, 
One turn into the other! 

Our self esteem has been outsourced,
To fickle momentary events; 
To gladiators in a Circus,
Paid to fight and die for us! 

So much of me has been invested,
On someone, somewhere, outside control; 
Like those rides in a carnival, 
I am screaming, passive, and belted! 

And then I totter to the next; 
One draining ride after another; 
One day wonder where all the days went, 
I'm spent, with nothing to show for them! 

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