Thursday, March 17, 2016


The Trump marches on! Both sides of the established establishment, Democrats and Republicans, watch helplessly! There is nothing that is working against him! How do we stop him?

The establishment is on edge. This is the talk in the Washington clubs where the powerful Republicans and Democrats meet:

We thought we were unassailable, 
The establishment, fending for itself;
Whoever wins is not important,
It's either we, us, or more of us!

We have learnt to milk the system,
Opposing sides of the same party;
The public, poor sods, think they're voting,
Democrat, or Republican!

A cosy club of rich power-brokers,
Cushy cartel of the privileged, 
The world has always been run by us, 
On the shoulders of the hoi polloi!

And here comes the brash outsider,
Who defines everything we are not.
Storming the powerful rich citadel,
Ready to break down its walls!

Carried on shoulders of the same mob,
Which seems to've sensed what's going on.
A joker in the pack, and a Trump,
He seems to have won their heads and hearts!

Shady businessman. Serial bankrupt.
Pandering to their basic instincts.
It's worse than Modi storming Lutyens,
With his byte-sized quotes and pea-sized brains!

We mastered the art of being pro
Everything, and saying all that's good;
Like us, he's difficult to pin down,
But his strategy's just the reverse!

Anti-everything you can think of,
He is aiming for the anti-vote.
Problem is, the mob's tired of us,
From incumbents, they need antidotes!

He's dipping into the suppressed rage,
That we, the wise, have kept bottled up.
Demagogues, spouting vitriol,
Have caused every empire's downfall!

The poor sods, the mob, they don't realise,
It's theatre; he's as shallow as us;
We wish he plays by the rules,
In the field and game set up by us!

That he's not! He's not!! The maverick!!!
He has money, doesn't need it from us!
Reaches crowds direct, talks to their gut!
We wish someone kills the bastard!!