Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A Bubble World

My data is being stolen,
By people most unscrupulous,
To whom I remain beholden,
For my existence in the Cloud!

I got in and stripped myself bare,
In full view of the world at large.
How dare they use that data mine,
'Twas meant for a moment's delight!

I didn't pay for it to be sure,
For bondage in free marketplace;
Romped and frolicked in public glare,
But 'twas but for moment's delight!

I revel in all these platforms,
They reflect my world-view to me;
Give me the likes I so much want,
In world full of people like me!

I liked that no boundaries exist,
I could applaud, curse, rant and rave,
But I thought my data was kept,
In a place that's secure and safe!

Oh! How I hate them, the monsters,
They went and sold this data mine,
To all kinds of tricksters and fraudsters,
Who then show me more of what I like!

A nice and secure bubble it was,
I didn't know they were peering in;
When I didn't pay and they let me dance,
That I would pay such a heavy price!

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