Thursday, April 12, 2018

Zuckerberg's Senate Hearing

Mark Zuckerberg's Senate hearing happened yesterday - to me, this looks like the beginning of the end of one more monopoly. There is cause to cheer, but then, we who cheer, cheer too soon and too much!

- - - - - - - - - 

Oh, how we like to see the mighty fall,
and grovel in front of a common court;
Is it any surprise that the rich at all,
are paranoid, and guard their backs at all times?

The fall from grace first, and the fall follows;
The more we lauded him, more we resented;
How we hated being beholden, helpless - 
It built up as we grovelled in his presence!

The Governments have always controlled us,
Through access to our lives by many means;
But they hate it when an upstart outsider,
acting alone, starts wielding their stick!

Only Governments have the power to regulate,
Of Aadhaar, Tianenman Square and Watergate;
A Facebook or Bitcoin that upsets them,
Will be squashed, and meet its eventual end!

Meanwhile, what of us, the poor citizens,
Cheering when the villain's thrown to the lions?
We work the galleys; Bread and Circuses,
Are the king's ways of keeping us entertained!

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