Monday, April 16, 2018


The rape and murder of a child,
Is tragedy for kith and kin.
For  many others 'tis symbolic,
A chance for politics, messaging!

If rape is not about religion,
Then why is it so important?
Those who hold the candle-light marches,
You think you're protesting rape, you're not!

If the law finds it difficult
To bring the guilty to justice,
'tis cause it favours those in power,
Was never champion for poor kids!

If the victim is a muslim,
and the perpetrators hindu,
In which crime is faith important,
Why is being hindu ignoble?

I hold the crime as dastardly.
My mind screams and protests in rage,
As much against the liberal apologists,
As the fact that it's a child, and rape!

Those who hold your candlelight marches,
And show unity for a cause;
Think! Who holds the strings of the puppets,
What exactly is the cause, and pause!

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