Monday, April 9, 2018

Chanda Kocchar

With icons like Chanda and Shikha,
Women power has just awakened;
Poster girls of the new India,
On them was a greater burden!

We raise some people to god-hood,
and give them undue share of praise;
In turn we expect a sainthood,
That even the saints can't emulate!

Power leads to more corruption;
More of it corrupts absolutely.
What matter if it's women or men,
Lust and greed know no boundaries!

There's a lot of smoke, and cloud, and haze,
To hide the muck that lies underneath,
Each actor tries to queer the pitch,
Too many, and too much at stake!

Never raise anyone to such heights,
The fall will be hard when it comes;
Achievement, excluding all else,
Views the world with only one lens!

We celebrate all achievement,
and rightly so: one needs to aspire;
But there's no one I want to emulate
in full: for all Gods have feet of clay!

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