Sunday, April 18, 2021

Better by far, to live

Can't hug, can't kiss,
Can't meet, can't greet,
Can't pray, can't work,
Need to stay at home!

Can't smile, can't breathe,
Can't talk, can't sneeze,
Can't laugh, can't move,
The very air is death!

Am scared, I fear,
All things, far and near,
I hide, I quiver,
The world is menacing!

The fear, it gnaws,
Into my very vitals,
Its icy fingers pierce,
My very being!

I die, every minute,
Every hour, a thousand deaths,
I die, every day,
From morning, to night!

Better by far, to live,
Unfettered, free,
And die only once,
When the time is nigh!

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