Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Male or Female?

I always knew I had a gender,
Which used to be assigned at birth,
Ninety nine point nine percent end up,
Being male or female, but not both!

Or either, or neither, or none,
We could have just lumped them as them,
And not, in name of inclusion,
Cast doubts into the rest of us!

The more things are certain it's good,
In a volatile uncertain world,
How can the ship stay in place,
If every breeze is a storm!

The anchors are being thrown overboard,
Like babies with the bathwater,
Time we stopped listening to the woke crowd,
They are the ones most intolerant!

Time to go back to the basics,
And call a spade a spade,
Let's just check your plumbing mate,
To decide if you're male or female!

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