Tuesday, April 13, 2021

My School Whatsapp Group

We all like to visit here,
It is our pet menagerie,
Where all kinds of animals reside,
Strutting their idiosyncracies!

There is the elephant who walks,
Of long memory, teller of tales,
There is the parrot who screeches,
Whenever anybody speeches*!

There is the baboon who screams,
Dekh loonga tum sub saalon ko,
There is the hippo whose skin is,
So thick it refuses to get poked!

There is flighty wafflebird,
Who always flies on a tangent,
There is the much feared lioness,
Who kills her prey with her arguments!

There is the cheeky rainbow bird,
Who pulls the rabbit out of a hat,
With colorful past and plumage,
Who holds the lioness in high esteem!

There is the sesquipedalian,
Walrus who holds long discourse,
What he says no one understands,
For he can be a tad verbose!

There's  the badger who's dug himself in,
In remote faraway fields,
Who likes to talk about politics,
When he is not busy farming!

There is a raucous nightingale,
Who fancies himself to be a bard,
There is a sluggish pompous whale,
Who is never amused, harrumphing!

The dormouse opens a single eye,
Keeping guard through his slumber,
The wolf peeks out from his lair,
To pounce when the time is right!

The frog patiently sits and  listens,
And asks questions of one and all,
The crane mostly sleeps but is waiting,
To swoop down and give battle!

The owl watches from his lofty perch,
Disdaining all the goings on,
The cricket just gives his commentary,
Doesn't miss anything at all!

The fox has donned a new avatar,
Goes around preaching to one and all,
The sloth listens to him and all agape,
While refusing to stir at all!

The bear sits on top of a rock,
With predictions of gloom and doom,
Counting numbers on his abacus,
For whoever cares to listen!

The elk retires to a corner,
With a rosary in his hand,
But butts in with an opinion,
When he can't bear what's going on!

The eagle watches from afar,
Missing nothing that's going on,
Every now and then he weighs in,
With his acerbic opinions!

That's just some of the denizens,
We meet them all when we come,
Always battling and making up,
Strutting and preening for no reason!

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