Wednesday, February 1, 2023


Adani share prices highly inflated , at obnoxious pe's. Have gone up 800 percent in the last three years. 

Then comes the FPO which is at a "discount" to current prices.

Prices have been consistently propped up by shadow firms operating from overseas havens.

Banks meanwhile have lent 2 lakh crore to the group. There seems to have been no due diligence conducted except to see if it is under the rbi mandated "group exposure limit", which is what the banks are saying in their own defence. 

Some random fellow operating under the code name Hindenburg writes a report that says mostly what has always been common knowledge.

"There is an elephant in the room" says Hindenberg.

Who gave Hindenburg the right to see the elephant? Say people. 

Hindenburg is funded by anti national forces. 

This is all to do with Vizhinjam port, they don't want India to progress.

People are jealous of india.

The timing of spotting the elephant, just before the elephants' coming out parade called elephant budget, is suspect.

Who removed the purdah covering the elephant?

Pakistan is in trouble. They have no elephants.

The elephant"s owner has taken over a port in Israel.

Everyone is talking about why there should be no elephant, but no one actually wants to say that the elephant is there , right in front of them. 

Meanwhile, "family offices" of "HNI's" bail the FPO out. A few calls from the PMO may have had something to do with it. Or, maybe, all of them , doing independent research, stumbled upon the fact, overnight, that this is not an elephant, but a golden goose, and a delectable buying opportunity, which, the general public, obsessed as it is with elephants, cannot see. 

India has been saved! , Say the chorus people.

We have just defeated a plot to destabilise the country!

Jai Hind! 

This ranks among our famous victories, along with Kargil!

And the chorus goes marching all the way, singing patriotic songs ...


Anonymous said...

How do you create an elephant in the room. Imagine one, it's now made in your head. Move into the room and talk. The elephant fills the room. Everyone knows it is there. how do you eat am elephant? Piece by piece. But when you realize that 65 of the 85 pieces have been pre-eaten, 10 are just advertisement hoaxes (like shaving cream as icecream), you can now chew the rest of them, but someone grabs and gobbles them up just as you are concluding your realization... You realize that the elephant in the room is just the gas it left. You wonder who created the gas from the elephant guts. Then you realize it''s the bad man who did it, trying to kill your big bad man. Now you wonder if you should support your big bad man or the other big bad man. But you put on your analyst mask and preach the badness of some men... Moral of the story: big bad men may be immoral but you are most immoralest of all.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Dinesh

Rajat Bhatia said...

Very well said Dinesh