Monday, March 6, 2023


When would you take a poison?
When the costs exceed the benefits.
Every pill you pop is not free.
A pain killer only stops the pain signals!

To have continuous power supply,
You can choose to bypass the fuse,
And every time the voltage goes high,
Your body will sizzle and fry!

We first take all the foods,
That are not food at all,
But a bunch of chemicals,
Designed to screw our insides!

Then we sit unthinking,
Not moving our ass at all,
While the brain is whirring,
With all kinds of stressful thoughts!

We binge in front of the TV,
On laziness and packaged foods,
Sleep with our stomachs heavy,
At unconscionably late hours!

We binge, we slop, we sit, we flop,
We eat chemical gooey drops,
We scream, we rant, we fight, we can't
Seem to get of anything enough!

The body sputters, the mind complains,
Saying all this is wrong,
We make it shut the fuck up,
By feeding it poison pills that bypass!

The food industry makes us sick,
For what it feeds us is not food;
The pharmacy makes it worse still,
With its packaged poisons!

The drug industry makes us sicker,
The doctors are licensed killers;
When the drugs are not quite enough,
They feed us with their vaccines!

And so we the  living dead,
Walk around like zombies;
A bunch of putrid chemical waste,
And minds that are numb!

Mere cogs in the giant wheel,
That exists to feed itself,
And takes every drop of blood from us,
In the name of our health! 

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