Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Stand up call-edy

Friend of mine just told me she has to attend a stand up call. She is of course a techie. 

I am confused. What has standing up got to do with a call? Is she not allowed to sit during the call, which she said is not face to face. Wait! If not face to face, it will be bum to bum or what? I mean all meetings are face to face, especially online meetings, or am I mistaken? 

No no it's a scum meeting , she said. Oh, you mean your colleagues admit they are scum, I asked? 

No you dodo , that is scrum meeting , we are all agile, she said. Hello, just yesterday you were complaining of backache, how come you are claiming to be agile?, I said. What do you know, she said, every week  we plan for the next sprint. Now I knew something was wrong, she is hardly the running type, she is more the samosa jalebi rest on her chair type. She was obviously pulling my leg. 

Anyway, back to the stand up call. A few questions come to mind: 

Substituting someone in a stand up call: is it called standing in

Not allowed to attend stand up call as punishment: is that what is standing out

Funny stand up call: that I think is what they call  stand up call-edy

Sex worker soliciting customers at Street corner: should then ideally be a stand up call girl

Cancelled stand up call: is it called a  stand down call

These techies I tell you, what what new terms they invent...

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