Sunday, March 12, 2023


Silicon Valley Bank is bust,
Iconic neon lit big name bites the dust;
We thought implosion and sudden death,
Happened only to mere mortals!

All banks are a collective fiction,
Dealing in illusory notes;
Money was invented and is sustained,
By Fiat: belief in what is not real!

Nothing has really been lost,
The world looks same as before;
Except a reordering of debt,
Numbers of who owes whom and what!

An edifice built on a belief,
In a commonly held illusion;
At the root of it is money,
Which itself is a work of fiction!

A Massively Multiplayer Game,
Obsessively deranged players,
A world of its own, a Universe,
In which our avatars play;

And then one variable strays,
In ways that were not programmed for;
The whole world comes collapsing down,
On top of the players' heads!

The programmer has lost control,
Once the game starts in earnest;
A million things can and will go wrong,
And no one person holds the reins!

We live in a simulation,
Created by this thing called money;
Nothing has actually been lost,
Except a few players their chips!

And yet the world comes crashing down,
Dreams, desires and reality:
On how much fiction are our lives built!
We live in stories within stories!

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