Monday, March 13, 2023

On food: simple rules, common sense

Watch the video and be shocked.

The solution is not to have better guidelines and monitoring.

The solution is to cook  food at home, or  order from the neighbourhood auntieji who cooks food at home. 

Avoid all "big chain operations" like McD's , KFC, Dominos, Subway... 

Avoid all processed foods made in a factory.

And then, and only then, go to the next level.

Next level:

Replace refined oil with cold pressed oils.

Replace milk with organic milk, and reduce milk in the diet.

Replace atta with wheat bought by yourself and peesofied in the local chakki.

Replace "table" salt with raw sea salt.

Reduce consumption of white sugar.

Increase organic gud in the diet, by substituting it for sugar where possible.

That takes care of oil, sugar, fat, milk and wheat.

Then, go to the next level. This level is good to have, and depends on affordability and availability.  

Replace veggies with organic veggies.  

Replace fruits with organic fruits.

Then, go to the next level:

Reduce wheat and milk in the diet.

But, throughout, from stage one, continue to have butter, ghee and coconut in the diet. Lots of it.

In parallel: 

Reduce food consumption itself. Eat only "half stomach". 

Have more and more whole foods, less and less carbs, less and less grains, and more and more veggies and fruits. Reduce meat in the diet, and if you eat meat, ensure it is "free range" or "natural" and not from poultry farms or fish farms. Obviously, this means cooking at home since even the best of fine dining restaurants won't follow all this.

If you have allergy issues, or strange stomach problems, first try cutting out milk and wheat from the diet. There is a high probability that the problems will disappear.

In parallel: 

Try and follow the rules of food combination. But that is the subject of a whole separate post, or series of posts. 


The more the food is removed from your direct control or oversight the worse it gets.

The more the food comes from corporates or chains or organisations the worse it gets.

The more the food is commoditised and gets made in industrial kitchens the worse it gets.

The more the deliveries you get from Swiggy or Zomato the worse it gets. 

The more you want "convenience", the worse it gets. 

The more the "western" influence the worse it gets.

The more you follow the advice of your allopathic doctor or nutritionist, the worse it gets.

Each of the above assertions can be the subject of a separate article, but then, why do we need all that?

Common sense should tell you that what I am saying should be broadly correct, and , directionally the way to go. 

The more you go away from common sense the worse it gets.

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