Monday, January 15, 2024


A Palki Sharma video on how weight loss drugs are becoming the New Nirmal. 

Everyone is barking up the wrong tree.

Obesity and associated lifestyle illnesses are rising. Rather than attack the root cause of the problem, which , by the way, common sense will tell you and so called doctors won't, you introduce weight loss drugs. 

Screw up your body with bad food, lack of exercise, and bad lifestyles. Then screw it up further by taking medication which directly interferes with the body's metabolism. Need we mention, these drugs are expensive, and they have to be taken life long. 

The holy grail for the Pharma companies: life long medication that is patented and that ensures that you never get cured. 

And what is it that people want ? They want these drugs to become cheaper and more accessible. Under the assumption that all lifestyle diseases will rise , that they are the new normal. Of course. The food corporations will ensure that. 

And we accept all of this as normal. 

As an individual you and I need to take that call to return to sanity. It starts by rejecting all that the medical industry and their handmaidens, the doctors and scientists are telling us. And getting back to common sense. Following the basic rules of healthy living. 

But we won't do that, will we? 

Oh no, we won't. It's far easier to just pop the pills, and reduce ourselves to an unthinking zombie state. 

We human beings are unbelievably self destructive creatures.

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