Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Experts are of the opinion that ...

Check out this article on how a UN body has been infiltrated by terrorists: 


The UN is infiltrated by terrorists, and their sympathisers.

Just like the WHO is infiltrated by the Pharma Lobby.

And we blindly believe these jokers.

In fact , whenever I am reading something, the biggest red flag is when the article says 

" Experts are of the opinion that..." 

"Experts" are those who study from the official curriculum and get "recognised" certifications. 

The "official bodies" that certify them peddle an "official" curriculum. 

The official curriculum is made by "accredited" and "reputed" organisations. 

Which in turn are infiltrated by Jihadists, Terrorists, Pro Vaccine disease mongers, and the like. 

The only way to survive is to make your own conclusions based on first principles. Go back to the source / the  genesis, and trace things from there. 

And be not swayed by the hundreds of people who quote the "experts" to you.

Every apex organisation is  suspect, and there are a few which are definitely compromised. The top of the list of compromised organisations is US FDA, closely followed by every UN organisation. The "educational" bodies like ICSE, CBSE, etc are also total rubbish -  if you think they are working for your child's education, you are mistaken.

All systems work for their own benefit, and the consumer is merely the fodder to ensure their sustenance!

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